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    2018 brings season 9 with our first episode “End of the World” with Touch Connors who played in a 1960’s private eye show called “Mannix” . Roger Corman directed this film in 1957 , later in the 70’s director Larry Buchanan re-made this film as “In the Year 2889” nearly word for word and scene for scene only in color. I thought it fitting to begin our New Fear in with this film since we began 2017 with “In the Year 2889″ . As a sneak preview, our second episode I plan on doing ‘Werewolf Goes To Washington” that will air Jan 20th . I am working on some renovations in my un-Living room that will hopefully give more space to work in for the show. I have a few projects lined up ,helping some horror host friends with some of their upcoming projects. I am so glad that my show is being so well received on The Monster Channel, a great bunch of people there as well as great fans . A great big Thanks to them all . I am hoping that 2018 will see our 200th episode come in . “Keep Screaming” and watching The Monster Channel

    Bobby Gammonster - Internet Horror Host

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