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    The Eerie Late Night Horror Channel is a streaming channel that will bring you the best of horror hosts all year long. You will be able to watch it online, on your smartphones, tablets, and even ROKU. Halloween Jack, Halloween Jacqueline, Mr. Maniacal, and the ELN crew are hard at work to try to make this network and website the best and most interesting place we can. So please share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions here. Also any special announcements will be posted in this thread as well in case you miss them on our Facebook or Twitter accounts.

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    We are still in the development process of the channel so anything you guys want to see as part of it…geatures, hosts, etc please feel free to let us know.

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    Wow we are humbled and excited that we have hit the 100 likes mark on our Facebook page in less than 24 hours from our 6:30 pm est launch on 8/10! Thank you everyone for that initial show of support on facebook and on here! Even though we have been working on this channel for some time now we have a long way to go for our premier launch. We wanted to start connecting with you the viewers early on so we can get your input and shape our direction to make an internet hub and channel that you will all enjoy! Thanks again everyone and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

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    We’re so looking forward to the launch of the channel. We’re very happy to be a part of this new channel and can’t wait for it to happen. So…what’s the hold up?? Just kidding. Or am I?? Seriously, though, it’s gonna be killer.

    Mr. Maniacal
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    LOL we are taking out time to make sure this is all done right. With a new system we will be able to be seen on just about anything…computers, phones, tablets…plus the addition of ROKU…we hope this will be successful from the start.

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    Just a quick update…the site is ready to go at and of course our forums here are slowly taking off. Just need to ad content to both to make it more interesting to people. We would like to welcome Mr. Ghastly to the ranks of bloggers on our site! Looking forward to hearing from him on the blog and on the channel once it’s launched. We will be going though beta testing, but plan to be at full strength by October. Stay tuned.

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    Thanks for having, good sirs (and madame)! I am excited to be here!

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    Would love to see some Sammy Terry episodes or clips. I grew up with him and Dr. Creep.

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