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    Mr. Maniacal had the honor in helping shape a new show in Akron, Ohio this summer called MonsterfestMania! It has been announced that they will continue with putting on shows in Akron moving the venue to the John S. Knight Center in Akron, Ohio. Mr. Maniacal will once again be working closely with the convention to make sure it’s bigger and better and that means so will The Eerie Late Night Horror Channel. So we wanted to create a topic thread on the show and hear your thoughts or even your pictures and memories from the first show this past July.

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    I wanted to add to this post how happy myself and the show promoters are with how the first Monsterfestmania turned out. It was a first time show in a small venue, but it was a success. Still to this day we have not heard one negative comment about the show. There were some issues with the venue and we are aware of them, but they were beyond our control. We are also pleased to announce that there will be a Monsterfestmania 2017 and it will be moved to a bigger venue so those issues we did have will not be issues any longer. I had an initial brainstorm meeting with one of the promoters and he went over what they are planning and who they are aiming to get as guests. All I can say is this one will be without a doubt bigger and better…but not so big that it will kill the family friendly atmosphere that was so popular in this first show. Can’t wait to announce more!

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    And we can’t wait for MFM 2! look for bigger and better screenings and panels!

    Mr. Maniacal
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    We had a blast at MFM. Met lots of new people, connected with a few friends and just had an all round good time. We’re definitely on for MFM2!

    Mr. Maniacal
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    So here is an update that’s been floating around that I should have posted here last week or so, but I’ve been swamped. Monsterfestmania 2017 will happen and in order to keep costs down to bring in more guests and traffic it is being combined with the successful Akron Comicon. The venue John S. Knight Center is so big that the two shows will have their separate rooms set to the various themes of the two shows, but you can visit both. All of us involved with Monsterfestmania are excited…this will be a one of a kind show for sure!

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    I drove from the monstrous mitten of Michigan to attend and was not disappointed. I liked the classic horror & horror host vibe.

    Enjoyed the guests & panels immensely

    Definitely want to see it do well. Sad in a way to see it combined with the comic show but it’s a good mix. I’m tempted to return.

    ~ Z

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