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    Who watched Stranger Things on Netflix? In my humble opinion I thought it was excellent. Granted it had a few holes and some unexplained things when the season was all said and done, but those didn’t bother my as much as usual. With a second season being talked about I’m sure things will get resolved and new mysteries will unfold. What were your thoughts?

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    I really loved Stranger Things. Growing up in the 70s and 80s, it had such a nostalgic vibe, harkening back to that era’s Spielberg movies and reminded me a lot of Super 8 as well (which was very Spielbergian). The casting was spot on and I thought the pace of the whole series was well done. I’ve alway found Matthew Modine creepy, no matter what the movie (I saw Vision Quest in theaters when it came out. I thought it was supposed to be a Sci-Fi movie. Boy was I disappointed!).
    The kids in the movie were amazing. And, Walkie-Talkies! Stuff what was cool back then, before the internet and cell phones!

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    I enjoyed it as well for pretty much the same things you summed up. The casting was great…I think that’s what really made it enjoyable to watch. The overall feel really was a throwback to the 80’s which is great for those of us that remember. I don’t know if younger people who missed the 80’s would get the same out of it as we do. It was a bit more open-ended at the end I thought especially when there was no idea that a second season would be in the works. Cliffhangers and open ended storylines work if you know that it will continue. If by some chance they were not picked up for a second season that would have sucked big time so thank God we have another to look forward too. I’m glad it caught on looking forward to more.

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