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    Okay folks I posted this in this forum because it encompasses everything about The Eerie Late Night. We want to make our site and channel the go to place for horror hosts and their fans. We want to offer more than just a streaming channel and we want to hear feedback from you. Browse our sites…EerieLateNight.com and the forums. Check them out and give us good honest feedback. We are big boys and girls we can take it ;). Seriously we are doing this for all of us. That’s why we are taking it slow and coming up with various ideas to make the site interactive and appealing. We will also do that with the stream itself when launched. So let’s brainstorm! We want to hear YOUR ideas and thoughts. What do you want to see? What should we add or is there anything on the site already we should get rid of because it just plain sucks? Keep in mind we are adding content. We now have a team of bloggers who are compiling articles you guys and ghouls may find interesting. We are working on more outcome and trivia quizzes and will run monthly polls. The current poll will be up until October since we started it end of august. What about hosts past and present? Who do you want to see and why? What kind of exclusive content do you want us to try to make happen? Let it flow folks don’t hold back. Together we can shape this into something special. We will be adding a few radio shows here shortly and also keep in mind we will be the first horror host streaming channel to cross the great barrier from online to include the same stream on mobile/smart devices and ROKU. All of this will be going and ready by Halloween so watch as we unfold each step in the upcoming weeks. But there has to be something we are missing that you guys need to have. Let us know and we will do our best to make it possible.

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