Rules and Guidelines


Welcome to The Eerie Late Night Graveyard…the companion forums of The Eerie Late Night Horror Channel. We are striving to make an internet hub that is more than just watching episodes of your favorite horror hosts. Our vision of this forum section is to have a place were our viewers can connect more with the hosts and the hosts with the viewers. We would like to see this forum section grow with a wide variety of topics. Some we have created to start with, but encourage you to become active and add your own.

The rules and guidelines of The Eerie Late Night Graveyard are simple, however we will outline them here so everyone sees them and understands. Posts that violate these rules and guidelines will be removed. Users that abuse these will be banned.

  1. RESPECT: have respect in the way you conduct yourself and respond to others in the forums. All of us have different points of views and opinions and we will not agree on everything. We want a place where we can openly discuss topics and share our various thoughts and opinions without fear of being attacked in the responses. Treat others like you want to be treated. Remember if you can be nice about your reply to a topic then think twice about replying.
  2. No topic or post should contain profanity, nudity, links to adult or unrelated websites, spam, or questionable material not suitable for all ages. Folks we want this to be a forum everyone of all ages can enjoy. There are many young people that are enjoying what horror hosts do and are looking more into the older movies horror hosts show. We want this to not only be a place where you can communicate with others, but a place where people can come and learn about the different hosts and the topics that interest us all.
  3. Use COMMON SENSE! No matter how hard we try the internet is full of those that don’t always use common sense and have respect for others. We will try our hardest to keep those people at bay and out of the forums, but they will still get in some way. Do NOT post any personal information in the forums. Be safe and smart.
  4. The Eerie Late Night Graveyard isn’t a market place. Of course advertising your shows, events, merchandise, and work is permitted and encouraged, but please conduct any business with specific individuals off the forums. Use it to connect not “seal the deal” so to speak.
  5. Have fun with the forums and please create your own topics. We understand that many of us share a wide variety of interests that are not just related to horror hosts and b-movies. We are not restricting the types of topics that can be discussed here. By doing that we are only limiting the ability to reach as many people as possible. However we do ask that we try to keep a majority of them within the realm of our general interests. We are monitoring the forums and topics that generate little to no interest over time will be cleaned out. We don’t want to have to delete to many topics because that will simply mean our forum isn’t generating enough conversation. By trying to keep things in a specific topic range will mean more conversation from others.

We in the Eerie Late Night are excited about this new section of the site and cannot wait to watch it grow. Really the rules and guidelines are no different than on any other forum so we do not anticipate any problems. If by some chance you find something that is wrong please do not hesitate to report it to us and we will take care of any issues that arise. Have fun!